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New year, new me

by Maria Kirmanidou, Dietitian & Sport Nutritionist

16 May 2024 • 0 min read

And it's that time of year when we all do a rewind and think about what went & what didn't go well and what could have gone better. Right? Already a few days before the end of the year to the first few days of January, most of us do a big flashback, bringing good and not so good moments in mind, and in the end - if we are lenient with ourselves - we give ourselves credit or not.

However, while each one of us is completely different, with different professional and personal goals, we all need to feel well in our own body and soul, or in other words, to feel physically and mentally well in order to be able to perform our best in our professional and personal life. The post-holiday mood, then, is characterized by a strong desire to get back to our rhythms and our previous daily routine. We are overwhelmed by intense feelings of anxiety about whether we put on weight and how to lose it, whether we rested enough and how to get back to work, whether we did the things we wanted to do during Christmas holidays etc. Because a large part of the human brain tends to over-analyze and set multiple goals at once, we suggest you choose 1 or max 2 of the following self-care practices for 2024 that you think "click" best with your needs! So one step at a time...

"I choose to provide the nourishment my body needs".

What does nourishment mean? Our bodies need an abundance of nutrients daily in order to function at their maximum. Food is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and are some of the most important ingredients that provide the nourishment our body and mind need. How is this achieved? By eating adequately, choosing a variety of foods from all food groups and correcting any nutritional deficiencies/inadequacies that arise. Holland & Barrett is there for you with a variety of vegetarian, nutrient-rich foods, as well as a huge selection of vitamins, multivitamins for everyone, and dietary supplements for every need to complement our diet. From improving immune and energy levels, to treating gastrointestinal symptoms and caring for your skin.

"I choose to sleep 30 minutes earlier every day for the next 2 months".

Lack of sleep is one of the major barriers to achieving a good quality of life. There is no well-being without a good quality sleep, which is expected, according to recommendations, to reach 7-9 hours during the night. The increased workload, along with the fast pace of life, have greatly reduced the duration and quality of our sleep. It is up to us to fix this by going to bed a little earlier - without distractions. In this effort, a nutritional supplement can be a valuable tool that will either help us fall asleep faster, or help prevent us from waking up during the night. Holland & Barrett provides a wide range of supplements for sleep, for everyone and for every individual need.

"I choose to take care of my weight if I don't feel good about it."

Are you one of those people who overstress about holiday weight gain? You don’t have to! First, because most of that gain is extra fluid, not fat, and because that gain - whatever it means - is also a consequence of many positive memories at family dinners with your loved ones. This is also one of the greatest blessings in life that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. So, instead of stressing about those 2-3 pounds we gained, let's take a breath and reflect on the beautiful moments of our Christmas holidays!

But you're probably wondering "how am I going to lose those pounds I gained over the holidays?" "By eating smart" I'll tell you... The fact that we may have gained 2-3 pounds during the Christmas holidays doesn't mean we have to stop eating. Our bodies need energy and nourishment on a daily basis and if you deprive it off essential nutrients, it will ask for them in many ways until it gets them. For more nutritional advice, go have a good read of our previous article, where we explain you the best post-holiday eating tips!

"I'm going to sign up for dance lessons, which I want so badly, it's the only exercise I enjoy!"

Movement and exercise in general is a prerequisite for our physical and mental well-being. Recognized as the "cheapest medicine", exercise, in the form we enjoy, helps prevent the onset of chronic disease, while working in our favor, by providing a multitude of benefits, from improved cardiorespiratory endurance and maintenance of muscle mass, to improved mood, memory and concentration. So if, you've been engaging in forms of exercise that you haven't enjoyed so far, look for the exercise that you enjoy doing, because it's the only one you'll be able to sustain in the long term. The "Energy & Performance" category as well as "Sports Supplements" provide many different products for every need and exercise goal you set for the new year.

"I choose to start psychotherapy. I have noticed that stress reduces my productivity and my quality of life in general."

Stress is one of the most important inhibitors of reducing our quality of life. This is more than profound when you live in a big city. What can we do about it? If we notice that excessive and intense stress leads to reduced energy levels, reduced mood, reduced concentration and productivity at work, and difficulty in enjoying life, we may need to review how much we rest and - why not - seek the advice and guidance of an expert. Psychotherapy is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this year, if and when you think you need it. The “Sleep & Calm” category has many forms of herbal supplements for intense feelings of anxiety, offering another tool for effective stress management.

Holland & Barrett, is here to motivate you to take care of the aspects of your well-being you need the most. For whatever you want to achieve in 2024, your physical and mental wellbeing is a key requirement. "New year, new self", then, stands for the small and simple signs of self-care and self-love, which can be different for everyone.