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Terms and conditions

Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Date of entry into force: 26/10/2023


Welcome to The access and use of the Webpage, the e-shop and the services of from the guest/user shall require the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use, which shall apply for the entire content, included in the Webpage Therefore, the guest/user shall be obliged to carefully read these terms prior to the use of the services of the Webpage and in case of a disagreement, he/she shall be obliged to not make use of the services and their content. It is kindly requested from the guest/user to review the content of the terms of use for any possible changes. The continuing use of the Webpage, even after any relevant changes shall mean the unconditional acceptance of these terms on behalf of the guest/user.  

For the members of the Loyalty Program «Rewards For Life», who have consolidated the Rewards For Life card with the user’s account in the e-shop,  the terms and the privacy policy of the Program shall apply additionally.  


The webpage shall include the e-shop of the Company under the name «WELLNESS MARKET SINGLE-MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME» and the distinctive title «WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA.», a member of the FOURLIS Group, with TIN: 801835574, registered in the Athens Tax Office for SAs, with Companies Registry Number 164239301000, engaged in the “Import and Trade of Packaged Food Supplements, Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics» (hereinafter referred to as the «Company» or «WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA.»). The Company’s registered seat is located in Kifissia, Attiki, at Ermou 25, P.C.:14564, tel.2106293860, e-mail:

The Company via its e-shop shall proceed to remote sale of goods to the public, which shall be governed by the legal framework of L.2251/1994 (as this is applicable today), in combination with the applicable laws. In the e-shop of WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA. vitamins, supplements, natural beauty products, sport supplements and specialized nutrition articles shall be available, whereas the sale of pharmaceutical products sold under a doctor’s prescription are excluded.

In the e-shop no medical advice is provided and the Company shall urge the guests/users/consumers to visit medical practitioners/ health professionals in relation to health issues. The advice provided in respect of issues related to the quality of life, wellness, beauty, aesthetics, cosmetics shall be provided exclusively on an informative basis and in no case can it replace the advice, diagnostic reports and treatments provided by doctors.

WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA. shall declare that the food supplements sold via its e-shop should not be use as a substitute of a balanced diet.

Fundamental purpose of WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA. shall be the best possible service of its customers. The e-shop shall enable guests/users to be directly informed about the products offered by the Company, to make their purchases online as well as to create a user’s account that will facilitate their purchases. The e-shop shall be exclusively served only by its own warehouse and the coverage of requests from the stock of the remaining stores shall not be supported.


  • «guest»: Anyone visiting the Webpage grand browsing it;
  • «(registered) user»: Anyone creating an account in the Webpage gr;
  • «consumer»: Any guest/user making their purchases via the e-shop;
  • «member of the Loyalty Program “RewardsFor Life”»: Anyone registered in the Customers’ Loyalty Program “Rewards For Life” either through the physical stores or via the Webpage of the e-shop

The entire content of the webpage, including the texts, graphics, trademarks, logos, and any other data, as well as the entire know-how and any other content related to the design, creation, construction, operation or methodology, (collectively referred to as the “content”), and the structure of its said content shall constitute the ownership of  WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA., and shall be protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek laws, of the European Law and of the international conventions. WELLNESS MARKET S-M.SA. shall possess all the rights and the titles associated with the content of this webpage or of any part of it. The webpage and its content shall be provided «as is», and according to the terms and conditions hereof.    

The guest/user shall not be able to modify, resell, deliver, distribute, or exploit by any other means any content (in whole or in part) without the specific prior written consent of the Company. Furthermore, no guest/user shall be able: (a)to use of copy the content or /and any other material from the webpage and use it in another website or physical store, application or any other online or offline presentation; and (b)to present or incorporate the webpage or any part of it into another website, webpage or any application of any third party without the previous written opinion of the Company.


The available products for sale, their characteristics and the prices shall be found in the webpage and shall be accessible to all the guests/users. The guests/users may search for more information about the respective product by clicking in the product’s image.  WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA. shall guarantee the timely notification of the guests/users regarding the availability or not of the products, however, it shall not bear any responsibility as regards their availability.

WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA. shall make any possible effort, in order to provide all required information about the respective product (characteristics, prices, etc.). However, aiming at limiting any mistakes, the Company shall recommend – prior to any purchase closing – to contact it in case that the prices or any other product characteristic deviate from the usual and reasonable ones. The products’ prices that are available via the e-shop shall correspond to the current prices also applicable in the physical stores with the trade name HOLLAND&BARRETT, operating under the company’s name WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA. At certain periods of time there is the possibility that special offers and discounts are granted, in respect of the Company’s promotional activities, which will be applied only to specified products and only for purchases via the e-shop Furthermore, at certain periods of time special offers and discounts may be established and applied only for purchases in the physical HOLLAND&BARRETT stores.  

In the prices written down in the relevant catalogues at the bottom of each product the VAT (24% or 13% or 6%) shall be included. The e-shop of the Company “WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA.” shall reserve the right to readjust the prices without being obliged to previously informing the consumer base.


The orders placed via the e-shop shall constitute conclusions of remote sale contracts, which shall be governed by the legislative framework of the L.2251/1994, as this is currently applicable.

For the preparation and placement of a valid order via the e-shop the consumer’s capacity to conclude contracts shall be required pursuant to the clauses of the Greek Civil Code (the completion of the 18th year of age, and και the non-placement under a state of judicial guardianship/custody as regards the conclusion of a sales contract). Orders may also be placed by legal representatives of legal entities. The Company shall reserve its right to claim from the custodian or guardian the return of any orders that will be placed by legally incapacitated individuals.


Order Requirements

For the placement of an order in the e-shop, the following requirement shall apply:

  1. The completion of a special form with the necessary data for the conclusion of the sale contract;
  2. The unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sale contract and of the terms of use, as well as of the privacy policy.

On any of and all the pages of the e-shop, and next to any available product for purchase, there is key “Add to basket”.  You may browse the e-shop website and add to your basket the products that you wish to buy.

The display of the message «back soon» next to a product shall mean that the product is in a temporary shortage. You may enter your e-mail in the specific field, in order to be informed about the delivery of the item as soon as it is delivered in the Company’s warehouses.

In order to continue your purchases, you should select from the main categories, the one containing the next item that you are searching for and add it to your basket as well. When you complete the «add-to-basket» procedure, you may press the key “Purchases’ Basket” on the upper right part of your screen. In order to be able to place your order, it is not required that you are a registered user in the e-shop; However, the Company would advise you to register in the e-shop, because the entire procedure by any future use of the e-shop will be made easier. You should complete in the form your e-mail & the password that you have stated upon registration and make a login in the environment of the registered users.

In case you are not a registered user, you should press the key for signing-up for the purpose of creating a new account. You should complete in the form for the registration of a new user an active e-mail address. The e-mail stated should be a valid existing e-mail, since the entire communication with the e-shop and the Company will be performed via the e-mail stated by you upon your registration.

Ordering Procedure

The order placement shall be completed in 3 steps:

In the 1st Step: Upon opening the form «Purchases’ Basket» you will be asked to login in case you are already a registered user or to make a new user registration completing your data or via a gmail/facebook account. The option to make purchases as a guest without being necessarily registered, provided, however, that you have registered all required information for the completion of your order, shall also be provided.

In the 2nd Step: You will be asked to select the method of dispatch/delivery of your products: either delivery at your place (Home Delivery) via the collaborating courier service companies (SVUUM and ACS), or delivery from a physical HOLLAND&BARRETT store or delivery from the automatic delivery machines (Lockers) of BoxNow.

In case you select the «Home Delivery» option via the collaborating courier service companies, the Post Code of the destination address of your purchases will be requested together with all the remaining necessary delivery information, so that an accurate calculation of the delivery cost to the delivery address is made. The courier service delivery option shall be available in all areas of the Greek Territory and for orders of a total weight lower than 10 kg.

In case you select the option «Store Delivery», you will be asked to select the specific physical HOLLAND&BARRETT store you wish.  

In case you select delivery from the automatic delivery machines (Lockers) of BoxNow, you will be asked to select the specific locker you wish through a pop-up map.  

After stating the dispatch and delivery method, the transport cost will also be calculated.  Press the key «Save and continue», that will direct you to the 3d step.

In the 3d step: All information regarding the invoicing: a) issuance of a receipt or an invoice; b)the invoicing data and address, as well as the shipping details and address, in case this is different from the invoicing address.

After selecting the charging information, press the key “Save and continue”, and you will be directed to the 4th step of payment.

In the 4th Step: You select the Method of Payment. Here you are given the option to select to pay:

(Information regarding the available methods of payment you will find in the unit “Methods of Payment”).

1) Via VIVA, with the following available options:

  • Charging of your credit or debit card.
  • Payment via IRIS.
  • Payment via Google Pay.
  • Payment via e-banking (DIAS System)
  • Payment via VivaWallet

2) By cash on delivery (cash only) available throughout Greece but only for orders with a selected Home Delivery via the collaborating courier service companies

3) Via PayPal 

Depending on the payment method you will select, you are transferred to the respective form of payment as well.

For the completion of the order, you will be asked to accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which the Company suggests that you have read before you complete your order by clicking in the key “Complete your order”. You have the option to perform a last check of your order before proceeding to its completion.

During the progress of your order and if you are already a registered user, you can visit the unit «My Orders», in order to be informed about the progress of your order. The order progress stages have as follows:

"Place your Order": Your order has been placed and registered in the system.

"Shipping": The products of the order have been collected and their shipment to your premises has been scheduled.

"Order Delivery": Τhe products of the order have been delivered at your address or at an agency of your choice.

In case there is any pending issue with your order, the Company will contact you at the personal data you have provided.

In case you have not received a relevant e-mail of your order confirmation or a telephone notice, you are obliged to inform the Company without delay, as there is possibly a problem with the contact details you have provided. The Company shall not bear any responsibility in case you have entered your contact details incorrectly and, as a result of this the Company is unable to contact you.



Payment Methods

For the facilitation and service of any person who wishes to make orders at the e-shop, the e-shop has the following payment methods:

  1. Payment via VIVA; you will be transferred to a safe transactions’ environment of the collaborating Payment Institute «VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES SINGLE-MEMBER S.A.».

This method is available for all shipping options: delivery at your address (Home Delivery), delivery from the physical store or delivery from the automatic delivery machines (Lockers) of BoxNow.  

The possible options within VIVA environment are the following:

  • Charging your credit or debit card: the charging of the card is made on the day the products’ shipping process is initiated. The collaborating company «VIVA» has taken all required measures for the security of your transactions through your credit or debit card, and all card holders are subject to validity
  • Payment via IRIS.
  • Payment via Google Pay.
  • Payment via e-banking (DIAS banking system), either through the option «DIAS» in the VIVA environment or through a unique “payment code” that you will find available in the VIVA environment, which you will complete in the e-banking of your bank.
  • Payment via VivaWallet, provided you are holder of a Viva Wallet account.
  • Payment via Apple Pay to Apple device owners
  • Payment via Klarna, 3 interest-free instalments for purchases over €35

It is important to necessarily provide a contact phone number and a valid e-mail address.  

In case that the transaction is not approved, the Company reserves the right to cancel your order.

The consumer should be the legal owner of the credit, debit, prepaid or other card, with which they make the payment or have the consent of the legal owner of the card. In any case, it is presumed that such consent exists, and the Company bears no responsibility towards a third party whose card was used.  

  1. Cash on delivery (cash only) when you receive the products (for orders up to €498). In this case the consumer will be charged a fee of €1.80 Euro (24% VAT included). The option of cash delivery applies only to orders with delivery to your address (Home Delivery) and is valid throughout Greece.
  2. Through the safe online payment service provided by PayPal, provided that you have a personal account in PayPal. In this case you will be transferred to the PayPal environment. This method is available for all payment methods: delivery at your place (Home Delivery), pick-up from the store or pick-up from the automatic delivery machines (Lockers) of BoxNow.

Order Confirmation / Update

The consumer via the webpage is informed by the Company prior to the order’s completion about thee identity and the address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, its price, quantity, transfer cost, payment and delivery method, and thee time of delivery.

By sending the order form, the consumer receives electronically a copy of the order to their e-mail address provided upon placement and registration of their order, which (copy) includes a detailed description of the order’s products.  

Order Completion

By completion of your order, the following message is displayed (example):

Your order has been registered!


In the e-mail provided by you upon your registration, an automated e-mail has been sent to you containing the entire details of your order included in the previous page (please check your inbox).


The delivery of the products may be performed in the following ways:  

  • By shipping to your address (Home Delivery), through the collaborating courier service companies (SVUUM and ACS). The shipping cost both for Attiki as well as for the rest of Greece shall be €2,99, whereas for orders with a total cost of over €45, the shipment should be made free of charge.
  • By shipping to the automatic delivery machines (Lockers) of BoxNow, from which you can receive your order at any time of the day (24/7). The shipping cost shall be €1,80, whereas for orders over a total cost of €45, the shipping is performed free of charge.
  • By delivery from the physical stores of HOLLAND & BARRETT. The delivery from the stores is free of charge. The orders with an option of delivery from the store shall be paid only via the e-shop and there is no payment option at the physical store. The order should have been submitted in advance via the e-shop and confirmed by e-mail that your order is ready for delivery/ receipt. After being informed that your order is ready for collection at the store you have selected, the order will remain in store for 3 working days for you to collect it.

General information on shipping and delivery of the products

  • The delivery times (for orders placed up to 12:00) on all HOLLAND&BARRETT products having the relevant availability marking shall be the following:
    • For Attiki from 1 up to 3 working days;
    • For the rest of Greece from 1 up to 4 working days;
    • For hard-to-reach areas from 2 up to 7 working days.
    • The aforementioned charges shall apply on orders up to 10kg (in weight or volume). Every 1 kg over 10kg is charged €1/kg. In the event, that the order exceeds 10 kg, the Customer Service department of the Company will contact you, in order to be informed and agree via e-mail on the cost of the shipment.
    • In the event of unjustified refusal of receipt (for as long as there is no defective product or a case of a Company’s fault), the consumer shall bear the cost of the shipment and return of the products to our warehouse.
    • The calculation and billing of the shipping cost of your order is done automatically by entering the postal code of the shipping address when you have finished adding the products to your shopping cart and before proceeding to complete your order.
    • In case of «cash on delivery» payment, the consumer is not obliged to pay if they don’t receive a legal statement, in order to proceed to the payment (receipt/invoice).
    • In the prices mentioned VAT (24% or 13% or 6%) is included.
    • In case of difficulty accessing the delivery area, it is necessary to inform the Company by e-mail at always stating the order code.
    • In case of shipping of the products to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the consumer, when they themselves or a third party, other than the carrier or the transporter and authorized or/and designated by the consumer has acquired physical possession of the goods. The risk, however, is transferred to the consumer, and, specifically, at the same time as the delivery to the carrier/transporter, if the latter transports the products on the instructions of the consumer, and this option was not offered by the Company (without prejudice, of course, in this case, to the Consumer’s rights against the carrier/transporter).

The terms and conditions described in the return policy shall apply to all products purchased from the online store of WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA ( in Greece.

In addition to the rights provided by the return policy, all rights applicable to consumers under the existing provisions and laws regarding the sales contract, as well as any right arising in connection with the warranty conditions of the products, are recognized in any case.  

7.1 Order Cancelation
There is the option of cancelling the order in the e-shop.  

In order to proceed to the cancellation of your order, you can either select through the contact form in the web address  the field “Order Cancellation”, or send an electronic message to the e-mail address:, or call in the telephone center of the Company at 2106293860 (for calls from a fixed line charged according to the invoicing policy of your telecommunications provider). In case you have already proceeded to full payment of your order and your order has not yet been handed over to the courier service company, then you will be immediately refunded the monetary value corresponding to the canceled order in the same way you made your transaction (e.g. credit card, PayPal).  

In case that your order has been given to the courier service company, then the refund of the monetary value of the cancelled order will be made by the same method that you have concluded your transaction (e.g. credit card, PayPal), once the products are returned to WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA.

7.2 Defective Products

In the event of a defective product, the Company replaces it or returns to the consumer the money corresponding to the value of the product, upon the relevant request of the consumer.

In case the wrong product has been sent, the online store returns to the consumer the money corresponding to the value of the returned product, the delivery costs, as well as the return costs.

7.3 Withdrawal

You can change your mind within 14 days. In the event of a change of mind, you should notify us, either via the contact form of the web address in the field «Request for the return of products», or by sending an e-mail to the address:, or by calling to the call center of the Company at 2106293860 (for calls from a fixed line that will be charged according to the invoicing policy of your telecommunications provider). You can also make use of the withdrawal form (product return form), which we have sent you by e-mail together with the purchase receipt for your order.

Once you have notified us that you’ve changed your mind, you can return the products you have ordered, within 14 days. In case the products are not returned within 14 days, then WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA may not accept such return or replenishment. In any case the period provided for the return should be respected, especially when it comes for consumable products and products that can be damaged or expire soon.

Whichever way you select for the request for the return of the products, the return request takes effect from the date you notify the Company of the request to return the products.

The products you wish to return must be in their original condition, unopened and unused.

Exceptions from the withdrawal right

Returns are not accepted for consumable products that are sensitive and have been exposed to extreme temperatures by the customer without protection such as e.g. bars containing chocolate, products that may be altered or expire soon, sealed products that are not suitable for return, for health protection or for hygiene reasons, and that have been unsealed after delivery, products that after their delivery, due to their nature are mixed with other elements, as well as products manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized. 

Method for the Return of the Products

  • You can visit the closest to you HOLLAND&BARRETT store for the return of your products free of charge.
  • The return of the products can also be executed through the collaborating courier service company ACS:
  • You can visit the closest ACS store, in order to return the products free of charge.
  • There is also the option of delivery of the products to be returned, by ACS that will deliver the products at your place with a charge of €2,99. If the product falls into guarantee validity issues due to defect, as well as in case that a wrong product has been sent by the Company, the cost of the return shall not be borne by you.

The products to be returned should have been properly packaged and accompanied:

1) by the purchase receipt; and

2) by the form for the return of the products,

either in physical or in electronic form via e-mail, before returning the products, to the e-mail address:

The shipping address for the products to be returned shall be:  

Holland & Barrett – Kifisia store, Kassaveti str. 7, P.C. 14562 

You agree to care for the good and proper condition of the returned products from the moment they are delivered to you until you will return them to a HOLLAND & BARRETT store or to a collaborating courier service company.

For any information or clarification, you need, you may contact the Company by calling to 2106293860 (for calls from a fixed telephone line with charge according to the invoicing policy of your telecommunication provider).  

Refund of the price of the returned products

Provided you fulfil the requirements for the return, the amount corresponding to the value of the products returned will be refunded to you by the same method of payment of the original transactions (e.g. via credit/debit card, PayPal), unless you wish that another method of payment of the refund is used, as to which you should inform the Company in writing. Furthermore, the amount you spent on the shipping costs of the products you have purchased via the e-shop will be refunded at your place.

Refunds for returned products will be made as soon as possible. In any case, any refund will be carried out after the Company receives the return and checks whether the return conditions stated in the Returns and Refunds Policy are met.   


The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is today the international standard on the web for the certification of websites to the web users and for the encryption of data between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information exchanged between a customer and a server to be encrypted from the sending software and to be decrypted from the software of the receiver, thus protecting personal information upon their transfer. Moreover, all information sent with the SSL protocol shall be protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been changed upon their transfer.

Further, personal security provides the password defined by you when you become a registered user of

In order that access to your account is allowed and you are presented with any personal data, you should first register your username and password. For this reason, you must well protect these data so that there is no risk of them falling in the hands of third parties.  The Company also shall advise you to create a password using symbols together with alphabetical and numerical characters. The registered users shall be notified that the Company has no liability for the non-authorised use of their account in, which is due to acts or omissions of the registered user. The registered users have also the obligation to update their personal data, so that they constitute the proper and suitable information for the service of their contractual relationship with WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA.

Finally, it shall be reminded that the payments data are not saved in storage means of the Company during the transaction, but they are registered directly in a safety environment of the collaborating company «VIVA PAYMENTS SERVICES SINGLE MEMBER S.A.», that has undertaken the routing of card payments.

All transactions made by you through the website shall be governed by the International and European Law, regulating issues related to the e-commerce as well as by the Law on consumers’ protection (L.2251/1994), regulating issues related to the distance sales.


Subject to the provisions of these Terms and to the extent permitted by applicable law, WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, (such as for example for profit loss or loss of opportunities) or for the failure of the shipping of products or for the failure to fulfill any other obligation arising from these Terms, in case that the failure is due to an event beyond the reasonable control of the Company (force majeure). Unless it is otherwise explicitly defined in these Terms, the Company’s liability in relation to any product purchased via the e-shop shall be strictly limited to the purchase price of the said product.

It is your responsibility to provide us with correct, true, and accurate contact details (such as phone number, e-mail), and you shall undertake to inform us of any change or modification of them, considering that your communication with the Company regarding your purchases shall be made mainly via e-mail correspondence (meaning that you should also check your “spam” folder).  

WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA shall not bear any responsibility towards the consumer or any third party for any kind of damages or side effect from the use of the products. The selection and use of the products shall be exclusively made under the consumer’s responsibility.

WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA shall be liable exclusively and only for the information provided by the Company itself to the Webpage of the e-shop.

The Webpage and the e-shop shall be provided «as is». The guests/users shall be aware of the fact, that the Webpage and the e-shop are hosted in information systems in the cloud computing and the possibility of technical problems cannot be ruled out. WELLNESS MARKET S-M SA shall not bear any liability for any technical issues that the guests/users may face, when trying to acquire access to the Webpage and the e-shop or during their online browsing, which are associated with the performance or the compatibility of their own technical infrastructure with the application. Moreover, the Company shall not bear any liability for acts or omissions of third parties, and, especially, for the intervention of a non-authorised third party in products/services or/and information provided via the webpage and the e-shop

  • Force Majeure: In case of force majeure events (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.), if the delivery of your ordered products within the pre-specified deadline is impossible, the Company will inform you by e-mail, in order for you to state whether you wish or not the complete execution of your order under these circumstances. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for any condition or event that is not your fault and shall make every possible human effort for your best possible service.
  • In cases you have registered an online order and upon delivery you find out that any or some of the products mentioned in the entire order are missing, please contact the Company, in order to arrange and settle all procedural details required and send the not delivered products to you without any extra charge.
  • Amendment of the terms hereof: WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA shall reserve the right to amend or renew the transactions’ terms and conditions. WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA shall undertake the obligation to update this text adapting it to any change of or addition to these terms.
  • In case of no delivery of the ordered products (and provided an unreasonably long period of time as of the order registration has passed), please contact the customer service of WELLNESS MARKET S-M. SA in the e-mail address: For your better and faster service, the Company suggests that you should mention the special-order code sent to the e-mail address you have stated, when placing your order.
  • According to the Directive 2013/11/EC, which has been incorporated into the Greek law by the Decision 31619 (Gov.Gaz. 969/22.3.2017 (article 8), the option of online resolution of consumer disputes via the procedure of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” in the entire territory of the European Union, is provided. If the consumer has a problem with a purchase made in the E-shop and resides in the EU, they may use the website an extrajudicial settlement of the dispute.

The terms of use as well as any disagreement arisen from them or in relation to them shall be interpreted, processed, and resolved in accordance with the Greek laws. The parties shall agree and accept that the Courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute in relation to the terms of use.