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Our Products

We offer a wide range of products in 4 categories: vitamins & supplements, natural beauty products, sports supplements , food & drink.


Vitamins & Supplements

At Holland & Barrett with over 150 years of experience we provide a wide range of specialist products to support the health and wellness needs of daily life, such as heart, joints, anxiety, sleep and the immune system. With dedicated Research and Development departments we produce our products on our 6 production lines to ensure that we can control their high quality and provide them at affordable prices.

Our aim is to provide a unique range of products that support our customers on their Individual health and wellness journey.

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Natural Beauty

Holland & Barrett's range of beauty products consists of high quality natural products that serve multiple needs, such as nourishing and brightening the skin, hair and body.

All beauty products are rigorously tested to contain health and environmentally friendly ingredients that are in keeping with our ethos. No beauty range contains parabens and SLS.

We aim to offer unique natural beauty products for every need.

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Sports Supplements

Whether someone is just starting out on their fitness journey or a seasoned professional, Holland & Barrett offers everything they need to support their goals.

Our range of sports products meet our customers' requirements in terms of quality, taste, texture and ingredients, all of which undergo rigorous testing. We offer products such as protein, creatine and muscle mass gain supplements, as well as protein bars of various flavours.

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Food & Drink

At Holland & Barrett we have a variety of foods, the majority of which are aimed at people following specialised diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and keto.

We provide products made from natural ingredients, from healthy snacks and breakfasts, to honeys, spreads, nuts and superfoods.

Our goal is a sustainable and balanced diet for everyone.

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FAQs about the products

What kind of products can I find at Holland & Barrett?

We offer a wide range of products in 4 categories: vitamins & supplements, natural beauty products, sports supplements , food & drink.

Are Holland & Barrett's products of high quality?

Holland & Barrett has a strict list of undesirable health and environmental ingredients that are banned in each of its products.

Does it have products for vegans and vegeterians?

The majority of the products are suitable for vegans, and we offer a variety of choices. Apart from vegans, however, our range of products also caters for Vegeterians with a plethora of choices.

Where are the products produced?

Holland & Barrett produces the majority of its products at its UK factory located in Burton-on-Trent.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

Our goal is a long-term commitment to helping the planet and the environment. As a result, we have renewed all the food supplement packaging we produce, which is made from 80% recycled plastic, which equates to 200 tonnes less plastic used annually.

Do you test on animals?

We do not conduct animal testing on the products or ingredients used in our products.